Then you're not alone.

Like millions of people, you know all the benefits that come from getting fit and staying fit.

body mechanics

But you're getting so many mixed messages on how to achieve your goals.

Walking - Yoga - Stretching - Pilates - Weights - Thera-bands....the list goes on

It's overwhelming trying to figure out what your body needs and what's going to help you feel better.

And I'm guessing you know how important this decision is.  

You don't want to make pain worse, risk re-injury, or continue to stay in a rut that makes you feel like you're never going to get out there and feel like yourself again.

Choosing the right program means: 

  • you're not wasting your time on something that doesn't work
  • you're going to feel better faster
  • the frustration will melt away when you can focus in on one thing
  • you can relax knowing you're not going to injure or hurt your body 
  • because you know you're giving your body what it needs

Chances are you've probably been asking yourself "How long can I keep this up?"

shoulder pain tennis

I get it.

It's frustrating wanting so much to feel better, wanting to be more active and get back to doing things you love to do.  

But fear and frustration are making it impossible.

And if you're like a lot of my clients, you probably saw the changes to your mental health and your mood.  You might be a bit more snippy, less fun to be around, and perhaps, you've been hiding, saying no to invitations because you know you're not your best self.

You've been trying to get better but instead, you're actually feeling WORSE.


shoulder mobility


  • by getting your body into alignment.
  • By improving your biomechanics.
  • By reducing the stress on your muscles and joints by allowing your body to relax in neutral postures.

And I bet you're saying to yourself, "How do I even know if I'm out of alignment?"


 Your Body Has One Goal

To Function - No Matter What

If you've ever sprained your ankle or hurt your knee you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Somehow you make it to the bathroom.

It's not pretty - you're limping, using support, and probably wincing in pain.

But your functioning.

That's what the body was designed to do.

best stretches for hamstrings


The problem occurs when the body says to itself:

Hey, if I move like this I don't feel the pain.

So the quickest and easiest way to avoid pain is to walk funny.


The long term effects of this change in gait doesn't matter - it's only about the immediate need to function.

 You've developed compensations - the body's amazing way to reduce using an area that's hurt or injured and still allow you to function.

So as your body continues to function, it continues to use these maladaptive postures, these changes that it put in place to spare you the pain and keep you functional.

 But at a cost.

abnormal gait

Other muscles and joints have to help out to make up for the muscles that aren't working and the joints that aren't moving the way they used to.

Most people aren't even aware of these compensations.

What they are aware of is the pain 

  • in your back 
  • or your knee
  • your sore hip 
  • and the inability - no matter what you try - to get rid of the pain and feel better.

Because that's the goal isn't it?

Feel good and move well. 


The Body Alignment Screen is exactly what you need if:

  • You've got  pain even though you stretch and workout
  • You're motivated BUT frustrated because you don't know where to start
  • Your current exercise program isn't helping you feel better or move better
  • You're trying everything but nothing working
  • You're recovering from an injury and need to make sure you get maximal results

body alignment screen

You Need to Know How You Move

If you're like most people with aches and pain, 

you KNOW that the proper stretches and exercises will help you feel better and move better.

But the million dollar question is...

what exercises are right for you?

The Body Alignment Screen gives you the answer.  And it's not going to cost you a million dollars.

Each component of the Body Alignment Screen evaluates for risk factors that cause pain, muscle fatigue, decreased performance, and can lead to injuries.

 When you sign up for your Body Alignment Screen you'll learn:

  • how you're moving
  • what's tight and needs to be stretched
  • what's weak and needs to be stronger
  • how all the parts of your body are working together
  • where you need help with sequencing movement
  • This gives your body the Foundation it needs for all your activities.



If you're like most people, you can tell me where it hurts.  And you definitely know you're not feeling your best  - fatigue, poor sleep, joint pain when you try to exercise


you don't know how to fix it


you don't want to waste any more of your precious time trying every type of online video or stretching book to see if magically one will work for your body.


I want you to think about the simple truth: If you don't know what's wrong with your body, you can't fix it.

And this is especially true with movement.

How you stand, how you move, how your compensate when asked to sit, reach, bend, stretch, all of these show me the factors that are causing you pain and holding you back from Feeling Better and Moving Better.


It shouldn't have to be stated but because of the myriad of 'trainers' who have pitched their tent online, you need to make sure that your participation in assessments and exercise is conducted by a professional with education and expertise that uses research based protocols in their teachings and has standardized safety protocols for participation.

All of our evaluations, programs, and protocols rigorously adhere to the highest level of safety standards.  We utilize peer-reviewed research from Movement Science Principles, Functional Movement, and standardized protocols of Professional Functional Capacity Evaluators as the criteria for our standardized safety protocols and evaluative services. 

Our Team was created with individuals having a minimum of a 4 year degree is exercise science/kinesiology, 5 years experience working with patients and clients, and of course, ongoing education within their discipline.  We don't believe that taking a week-end course gives you the education or training to work with something so precious as the human body. 


better body biomechanics guarantee

I'm so confident that you're going to LOVE the Body Alignment Screen I'm willing to take ALL the risk.

I understand that if you're like most people that come to me, they've been burned in the past. And I can only give you my word and tell you that's not going to happen here. 

But even that's not enough.

So I want you to know that is exactly why I'm including a no questions asked full money back guarantee which means that for any reason you don't like The Body Alignment Screen all you have to do is email my customer service rep at and we will happily give you your money back and a thank-you. 


A thank-you for simply taking the time to give us a shot.  And now you can invest in yourself with confidence and piece of mind knowing that there is truly no way to ever be ripped off because if this isn't what you wanted we don't want unhappy money. 

So it's with that reason that you can sign up absolutely risk free.

 I'm actually putting all the risk on me. And that's the risk I'm willing to take for my committed clients who may be on the fence because they've been burned before but are willing to take a chance on me. 

To me, that risk is worth it.


compensatory movements

The choice is simple.

Choice #1

You can continue down the path you're on.  Searching online, spending hours, days, weeks, and months trying video after video, trying to find a stretch, a program, a trainer, that's going to give you the miracle cure for your body's aches and pain and hoping you don't do something that's going to harm your body.

And I'll ask you, how's that been working?  Do you have the results you want?

Choice #2

Hit that button and learn exactly what your body needs to reach your goals, to feel better, to move better, and to feel confident instead of scared that what you're doing each day is actually helping your body and moving you closer to your goals.

6 Modules

Health History

Musculoskeletal Examination

Postural Analysis

Functional Movement Review

Results Review & Recommendations

4 Week Follow-Up

Modules for this services 6

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